André Kovac.

I am passionate about ...
Education Online Learning, Science Communication, Course Development, MOOCs
Science Mathematics, Cognitive Science, Machine Learning
Language currently 中文, العربية and עברית
Web-Development Websites and Web-Applications

Ongoing Projects

Statistik & SPSS Logo

Online SPSS Course

A hands-on online course to learn statistics by interactive exercises with the widely used statistical software SPSS (So far the course is only offered in German).

Bayesian Inference for Dummies

I am developing a tool which aims to help social scientists to conduct Bayesian Statistics to evaluate empirical studies. The plan is to publish the tool as a web application.



I like to develop web and mobile apps. Take a look at my "app playground" for some experimental app samples.

Future Projects

Blog: History of Chinese Characters

In this blog I want to explore the historic roots of some Chinese characters with the help of drawings, graphics and stories.



Andre picture

I created this page to share some of the things I make.